Improving practise through self-regulation

Sam Furphy

Speech transcript


Many people own a dog or two, but few truly have dogs in their lives as their only family, as I have done. My name is Sam Furphy, though the locals tend to call me the ‘Aussie dog whisperer’. I have always loved dogs. And, I have always loved the little town I have lived in my whole life. My father built the house I was born in and live in still, here in Tatura. It is a suburb of Shepparton, Australia. My rellies in the UK ask me about Melbourne and other areas. I try to educate them as to where I actually live. Melbourne is over a hundred miles away!

My furry family would get me dobbed in if I took my tucker in such a big city. Besides, I only ever spent time in any of the big cities when I was a young lad, in my walkabout days. So, I have always been a bloke who prefers dogs as mates. I guess this old brumby is just not cut out for family and carousing. I’ve never been friends with any moggie, as I’ve found that only dogs can make me cack hard and happy. I will sometimes shout a round at the hotels, but it’s always my dogs that I come home to. Besides, most people are full of dodgy bulldust. I’m a whitefella who will probably never shift to any other place.

For an occupation, I have often driven a little tilly around doing deliveries and generally helping out where I can. These days, most of my time is spent ranging with my seven dogs. I’ve got 2 Kelpies, 3 Shepherds, 1 Stumpy Tail, and my Aussie lap Terrier. Sure, some mornings I wake up to a maelstrom of baying and barking that could wake the dead. They will sometimes make huge messes, or get sick and worry me half to death. It’s a touch of bother. I have lost a number of them over the years. They just do not live long enough, is my problem. And I lost one to a freshie some years back. Happiness and heartache they are, but they are all mine. They are like family in my little billabong community in the Goulburn Valley.